ACSZ in Bid to reduce the spread of Cholera

fighting Cholera

ACSZ in Bid to reduce the spread of Cholera


In a bid to reduce the spread of Cholera and supplement government efforts in the fight against the waterborne disease, the Agricultural and Commercial Society Zambia (ACSZ) has joined in the fight by putting up measures to improve the sanitary conditions within the Showgrounds.

Society Management has engaged other business houses situated within the Showgrounds to see to it that their businesses are operating in a clean and conducive environment.

The Society is also happy with officials from the Ministry of Health and Lusaka City Council Public Health Departments who have been visiting the Showgrounds and ordering closure of some businesses so that they are in conformity with public health sanitation and hygiene standards.

In compliance with Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 79 of 2017: The Public Health (Cholera) Regulation, ACSZ has put in place the following measures;

  1. Constituted a Cholera Taskforce Team headed by the Society President, Mrs Caroline Silwamba.
  2. To ensure that it chlorinates drinking water in supply tanks and beefs up staff involved in garbage collection and cleaning of the general surrounding.
  3. Ensures that businesses operating in the Show grounds comply with public health regulations and non-compliance could result in the government closing businesses. The Society cholera taskforce team is mandated to do routine checks to ensure that public health regulations are followed.
  4. Clients interested in booking facilities in Show grounds for private and public functions should obtain a clearance certificate from the Ministry of Health or Lusaka City Council.

Together we can stop cholera!



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