Caroline Silwamba is ACSZ President

Caroline Silwamba is ACSZ President

The Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia on 15th December 2017, held an elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the Agriculture Hall at Lusaka’s Showgrounds that saw incumbent Society Vice President, Caroline Silwamba unanimously elected for the Presidency position.


Earlier, at the same meeting, Mrs Silwamba was also among the ten Committee of Management Members who were elected office bearers before she took the President’s position.


In accordance with the Society tradition, the August house was asked to vote for the position of the Society Presidency and saw Mrs Silwamba go through unanimously.


Mrs Silwamba takes over from the Mr Ben Shoko who has been at the helm of Presidency for the past two years.

Mr Shoko wished the newly elected president and her committee the best of luck in their endeavours.


In her speech, the visibly delighted Mrs Silwamba thanked Society members for voting for her and entrusting her with responsibilities of Society President for the next two years.


She cheerfully said that, “I am very excited to become President of the Show Society. For a long time I have been looking forward for this position and finally I am trying to fit into this coat”.


She promised the members that she will put in her best during her term and deliver according to their expectations.


She further asked for the support from the Committee of Management members and shareholders of the Society if she was to deliver to their expectations.


On the elected committee, Mrs Silwamba is joined by Cosmos Michello, Kelvin Taylor, Bernard Moonga, Hudson Malumbe, Zunga Siakalima, Jones Pemba, Jembo Chilonga, Enock W Sakala, and Cornelius Chanda.


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